Tap into the minds of the legal industry's thought leaders. Our faculty includes academics, judges, and legal industry experts from across the world.
Apply by May 2020. 
Start in September 2020.
Part-time and conveniently located in downtown Toronto. With distance learning options and flexible class schedules, the Professional LLM is designed for those juggling daily personal and professional commitments.
Osgoode is the only law school in Canada that offers up to 12 Professional LLM degree specializations with  breadth and depth of course offerings.
Fay A. McFarlane, BA, LLB, LLM (Real Property Law), LLM (Family Law), LLM Candidate  2018 (Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution), Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
"Osgoode’s LLM programs have allowed me to continue operating a busy law practice on a full-time basis while pursuing my LLM degrees. The experience I gained has proven, and continues to be, invaluable. I have made a lot of professional, as well as personal, connections that continue to mean the world to me.”
Imran Noorani, MBA, LLM Candidate 2017 (Energy & Infrastructure Law)
"The Energy and Infrastructure Law LLM affords you the opportunity to think about sectors objectively and to think through a strategic, policy and infrastructure lens. Faculty are leading industry professionals who provide deep expertise and historical frameworks in areas that traditional work only provides limited exposure to. This is one of the most interesting and career specific programs I’ve ever undertaken and appreciate learning with and from the best in the industry."
Bhuvana Sankaranarayanan, JD, LLM (Tax Law), Tax Lawyer 
“Osgoode's LLM program offered in-depth courses in tax law with experienced practitioners and professors. The flexibility of the program, which is very accommodating to the needs of distance or working students, allowed me to do an LLM while working full-time.”
1 Dundas Street West
Suite 2602
Toronto, ON  Canada M5G 1Z3
8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday


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Professional LLM students are lawyers, executives and experienced professionals with five to 30 years of experience in their field who want to develop a deeper expertise of the legal frameworks that affect their industries. 

Our students choose to do an LLM for a variety of reasons including become an authority in their area, to take their careers in a new direction, or to help support achieving other long-term professional development goals.

Administrative Law

Business Law

Constitutional Law

Financial Law 
Who takes an LLM and why?
Examine and analyze contemporary legal issues relating to the delivery of public programs and social benefits.
Dive into issues of governance, learn to manage legal risks and understand the new realities of corporate regulation.
Explore Canadian constitutional law and develop a deeper understanding of the evolving jurisprudence.

Gain a strong foundation in the legal and policy frameworks of Canadian and international banking and financial services law. 

Develop insights on policies, players, and stakeholders while examining social, political and environmental issues.
Energy and Infrastructure Law

Osgoode's Part-Time Professional LLM

Canada's leading Professional LLM for lawyers, executives and experienced professionals.

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Dispute Resolution

Step outside the existing limitations of traditional conflict resolution processes and explore new approaches to resolving disputes.
Health Law 

Examines major areas where law and health intersect, including bioethics, mental health law, disability and public health.

Intellectual Property Law

Broaden your knowledge of the social, economic, and technological considerations from emerging legal issues in this rapidly changing field. 
Labour Relations and Employment Law

Expand your understanding of the theory, policies and principles that underlie labour and employment law.
Tax Law

Learn all aspects of tax law from the rules underlying traditional personal tax planning principles to current developments in the sophisticated design of financial instruments.